Hit the Kitchen Running
(When You Have No Time to Plan)

by Anne B. Thistle

Generic Wine (and Other Beverage) Selections, by menu

These are the personal choices of David Thistle, husband of the author. Your wine seller should be able to make more specific suggestions, in a range of prices, within these groups. If you discover other wines that pair well with the menus, please feel free to suggest them.

Menu 1: Lager beer (e.g., Miller Genuine Draft, Molsen)
Menu 2: Chianti
Menu 3: Fumé blanc
Menu 4: Merlot
Menu 5: Chardonnay
Menu 6: Côte du Rhône
Menu 7: Vouvray
Menu 8: Merlot
Menu 9: Muscadet
Menu 10: Châteauneuf du Pape
Menu 11: Chardonnay
Menu 12: Chianti classico
Menu 13: Big Chardonnay
Menu 14: Big Chardonnay
Menu 15: Beer
Menu 16: Beaujolais
Menu 17: Red Zinfandel
Menu 18: Chardonnay
Menu 19: Fumé blanc
Menu 20: Beer
Menu 21: Côte du Rhône
Menu 22: Côte du Rhône
Menu 23: Beer
Menu 24: Chenin blanc
Menu 25: A light red (e.g. St. Nic Bourgueille)
Menu 26: Beer (e.g. Negro Modelo)
Menu 27: Shiraz
Menu 28: Chardonnay
Menu 29: Vin de Pays d'Oc
Menu 30: Rosé d'Anjou
Menu 31: Petit Sirah
Menu 32: Chardonnay
Menu 33: Merlot
Menu 34: Beer or Chardonnay
Menu 35: Chardonnay
Menu 36: Côte du Rhône
Menu 37: Chardonnay
Menu 38: Fumé blanc or Sancerre
Menu 39: Beaujolais
Menu 40: Côte du Rhône
Menu 41: Gigondas
Menu 42: Chardonnay
Menu 43: Sancerre
Menu 44: Vouvray
Menu 45: Merlot
Menu 46: Riesling
Menu 47: Rosé d'Anjou
Menu 48: Chardonnay
Menu 49: Red Zinfandel
Menu 50: Beer
Menu 51: Muscadet
Menu 52: Muscadet

Thistle's rule of white wine selection (for the clueless who must nonetheless select a white wine): Buy a California chardonnay that costs at least $15. You can't go wrong.

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